2D services

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2d services

Everyone loves animation, from the children to their grandparents. It is one of the most interesting ways of visual communication. Our professionals in LED provides another level of 2D animation which includes animated cards, 2D illustrations, environment illustrations and much more. It gets easy for children to learn through animated visuals. 2D animation also makes reading fascinating in E-books and with animation in websites any brand can catch the attention in the online market. We can assure you of incredible quality at an affordable charge.

2D services offered by us :

  • 2D Character Modelling
  • 2D Illustrations
  • 2D Animations
  • Colouring
  • Environment Illustrations
  • Animated Cards
  • E-Learning Videos
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Short Animated Clips
  • Web GIF Animation

Why choose us?

We are ready to listen up about how you are looking forward for the creation and work according to your needs. You are paying for it and you have the whole right to decide.

Our team consists of professional voice over artists, cartoonists, video editors etc. Leave all your queries to us and we will make the process hassle-free.

We are Technical friendly
We as Leading Edge Designers are a lover of technology and our team is eligible in crafting some beautiful characters for you.
We are good listeners
We listen to the needs of our clients to deliver them the best results which match their imagination.
Professional Team
Our team has professionals from every department of animation and we are ready to fulfill your needs.