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Great Designs are an outcome of a clear vision of the context and logical planning.

Always striving to deliver the WOW! factor by truly understanding the big picture for each client is what we believe in!We differentiate your brand from others by creating the perfect designs and a relevant brand identity.We as a team believe in creating designs which can communicate with the entire mass as per our thought of designs being the best language for communication.We believe in supporting and maintaining our work. After all, your designs are a reflection of us, and your satisfaction is as vital.

Why Choose us?

  • Clean and Updated Designs
  • Mass attracting Creatives
  • Client mind Integration
  • Great quantity of high end design options
  • Well Organized and Great Team with logical plans
  • 100% responsive Service and On-Time Delivery

Core Services

Graphic Design

We create innovative logos including animated flash logo designs. We also crack our heads in designing flyers, pamphlets, marketing collaterals, catalogs, newsletters, business cards and many such graphical designs.

Web Designing and Developement

At LED we design static, Dynamic, Responsive and E-Commerce Websites. We help create, populate and optimize websites to help them rank for appropriate keywords and meet the conversational goals.

2D Services

We provide 2D animation services like E-Learning animated videos for the fast and reliable learning of kids, E-books for making reading interesting, Flash ads to be used in websites to attract attention online and many more.

3D Services

We at LED provide you a gateway to see your dreams conceptualized and designed as 3D models. Our experienced professionals design your concepts in the best way, be it an interior, exterior or any such idea!

Visual Effects

Sometimes photos and text simply aren't enough to engage your audience. We sit back to develop effects that can strengthen your message, engage your crowd and become a valuable part of your marketing strategy.


We help you make a better first impression. Commercial photography is what we do! Providing you with a wide variety of corporate photography services so that you can opt for what you want.

Film Making

Want to make a film? We can be of some help! We have a team of experienced, business-focused film-makers ready to transform shoots into a final product that you’ll be proud to show off to the world.

Digital Marketing

Want people to know more about you? We can highlight you digitally in order to meet your crowd. We deal with SEO, SMO, PPC, Brand Marketing, Data Farming,link building and many such marketing services.

Other Services

Brand Developement

Your brand is your identity — who you are, what you do, and how you do! Communicating the same story to the audience that's in your mind is very important and efficient. A great idea without a good presentation can never get you great audience. That's where we come in! We develop and design your brand identity so that it speaks for itself in every scope, also preparing it for proper web presence. Only vision should be enough to decide what you and your brand wants to put on!

Website Hosting and Maintenance

Web Hosting and Web maintenance are the most vital parts of your web presence. Designing and developing may be awesome but a great web host is necessity so that your site doesnot suffer server problems and security issues. Web maintenance is equally crucial. Changing the required contents regularly is also necessary for better performance of the website. We can handle all of these for you and also provide you with an unmatchable hosting service.

CMS Developement

Our team is experienced and ever ready to provide Content Management Service development for you. We are capable of building small to big sites in CMS. We also develop CMS for a pre-existing static or dynamic website as well as a fresh one. Our core development team is very active in releasing new and enhanced versions of CMS. In todays era managing a full fledged website can be hectic, hence developing a CMS can make it lot easier.

UI/UX Design

The user interface (UI) plays a huge role for any website or application. More than that, the UI defines the visual beauty of the website or application . UI communicates the functionality to the users. along with the UI the user experience(UX) also plays a very vital role in making the website or application more intuitive and easy to use. It can also help communicate the message your brand needs to tell to the audience. LED provides you with the service to design and develop the complete infrastructure so that you can make a grand web presence.

Animated Promotional Materials

Branding in todays era is determined by the number of followers an organisation or company has. Brands are always built using marketing techniques in order to reach the desired crowd. But looking around in the present state advertisements have taken a very interesting ground and hence the need of animated marketing techniques. We provide you with all of these so that you can market yourself uncomparitively.

White Label Partnerships

Leading Edge Designers offers a fully outsourced, customisable and global ‘White Label’ solution for all the services under designing and multimedia field in order to give full flexibility to the clients. From Web related services to al other aspects we see to it that we make every possible move to make our clients benefit the best out of it.