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Tips to create stunning vertical videos

Nowadays, more than a billion humans use Instagram every month which means more than a billion humans know about the vertical video.
The episodic vertical video has been quite conventional. Instagram has recently released IGTV which clearly indicates that they believe that the vertical videos will not only stay but will soon become one of the preferred ways for many people to watch the content on their mobile screens. IGTV has really developed the excitement level of many social media enthusiast. The experts have shared what they have learned over the years. Here, we have listed out some important elements that can raise the success level of the virtual video series.

Develop an accelerating environment, do not lean back

Take a pause and think about it. In the last few years, people have been quite habitual to watch the vertical videos in a few seconds. They usually tap out anything which does not grab their attention instantly. This behavior is permanent and this is the main reason why you need to ensure that your vertical videos are accelerating and are developed for the consumer on-the-go. You do not need to relax your customers as they do in a movie.

Cutscenes, graphics and the mixing is where you get it

The vertical video series has evolved a lot since the ‘no edit’ days of Snapchat in the early days. IGTV is a premium vertical content platform so you will have to do some editing before you post anything on it. For editing, you can use editing software such as Adobe Premium Pro and Final Cut Pro. You can also use mobile apps such as Perfect Video. These applications and software will help you to easily export these files in a vertical format.

The first three seconds are very crucial

You only get three seconds to prove your quality and this is the only time you get to grab the attention of the viewers and make them stay otherwise they have got hundreds of options where they can swipe and enjoy. Why three seconds? This is because you need to inform people what they are going to see. According to a recent research, it has been found that most of the people swipe away or exit from a story after just watching the first frame.


You must allow the viewers to access places, people and events that can only be recorded on a smartphone. The viewers look for options whenever they watch a vertical video. The mobile devices have allowed each and everyone to be a videographer and add on the content which was not previously available on the internet.

The vertical video is still the land of influencer and celebs

The perfectly performing vertical video content is still ruled by the influencers and celebs. The face recognition and the name you get from partnering with the existing content creates can help you save a lot of bucks and automatically gives you a head start for any vertical content series. It is the most ideal time to become a vertical content creator. Isn’t it? You have got multiple options to share your content. Anyone can easily create their own show with the help of their mobile phone. It is time to get out and start creating.