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UI designs and its importance

User Interface (UI) design usually refers to the visual elements of an experience or product- the presentation, the feel and look and the interactivities of a product. It also defines the designs of graphical user interfaces and also refers other things such as voice over and natural interfaces. It also focuses on the look of the application. Each button, page, screen and the other visual elements that you see while running an application is UI design.

Importance of UI designs

The foremost aim of any business is to enhance the sales and growth of their business. UI designs play a vital role in accomplishing the aim. The UI design of an application works for the improvement of customer satisfaction and user experience, which eventually helps in boosting the number of users of a certain application.

The UI designs help a brand to win the trust and confidence of the consumers and provide everything they are looking for. The additional number of users that you get on your application measures the success of the UI designs used. For the entrepreneurs who have started a small business, it is even more mandatory for them to use the UI designs so that they can give a strong first impression.

The key elements of UI designs

There are some really important elements that incorporate together for a marvelous UI design. They are mentioned below:

  • Usability
  • Information Architecture
  • Visual Designs
  • Interaction Design
  • Wireframing

  • Usability- It can also be referred to as user-friendly. It is there to make sure that the people who are using the application get everything they want. If the website or the application is enough to navigate, it will bring in more potential users. This usability also grasps the additional ways for handling the errors.
  • Information Architecture- Information Architecture (IA) is all about the satisfaction of the business strategies by designing the information structure of the website or the application. The primary role of Information Architecture is to provide a convenient navigation for all its users no matter whatever web browser they use. It is all about maximizing the formula of permutation combination so that the users can get a top-class navigation menu.
  • Visual designs- The visual design of an application or a website is very much like defining the brand of the company. Concluding the visual design can easily affect the behavior of the users. This is why it is considered the most important elements of UI designs. It is not just about the selection of the best colors, images, fonts and icons. It also identifies the overall appearance of the application.
  • Interaction Designs- This element is all about creating a conceptual design. This design is what the users interact with. This interaction is a mixture of elements such as color, font, aesthetics, motion, space, sound, graphics, icons, images etc.
  • Wire Framing- It is all about creating a sample of an application so that one can test the look, features and the usability before it gets launched publically. It is the cheapest way to test the functionalities and evaluate it.

UI design widely focuses on the pleasure and satisfaction of the users. Thus, it plays a major role in establishing a successful business. This is because it is really a crucial thing to emphasize on the satisfaction of the users from the business point of view. This builds up the brand reputation and value.