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Unleash the phenomenal strength of Image SEO

Image SEO is all about reducing the file size of your images and refining them on your websites for attracting the inbound links, boosting your visibility and improving the visitor experience. It is all about the image optimization. Images are necessary for your website and it can help you in capturing the attention of your potential and target audience. However, the image without a purpose can be confusing and the images which are too large in size can slow down your website. The images which are properly optimized keep your site easy and smooth enough to navigate so that the customer who visits your website gets a great experience with your brand. Image SEO is about getting your decorative and product images to rank higher on Google images and other such search engines.

Advantages of Image SEO

  • An image enhances the quality of your content

    Images are a source that breaks a large block of text and helps to demonstrate points. Thus, it enhances the content on your website and makes it easier to read and understand. When the people who visit your website will find what they have been looking for, there are least chances that they will bounce off. Instead, they will also want to view the other areas of your site and know about your brand. They will even bookmark, download and share your stuff. This automatically enforces Google to improve your search engine rankings.

  • Images rank separately in search engine results

    If you attract links to your images, you can get multiple benefits. Firstly, the page which contains the image can benefit and secondly, the image will also get a boost and may rank higher in the Google Images at its own merit. According to a research, this is a big step to a successful SEO as more than 25 per cent of the search queries occur on Google Images. And thus, a well-developed Image SEO can seriously be beneficial for your website traffic.

  • Image inspires social sharing

    Whenever you go through social media, you will see that most of the stories shared on social media platforms have images in them. Most of the people like to share a visually appealing content and by adding images, you are just making the task easy for them. This is because when you add images to your content, the readers will enjoy it and share it as well. This will result in added traffic on your website. And thus, it will attract more links and enhance your ranking ability.

Image SEO tips you should consider

  • Establish a goal

    Most of the written content targets a particular topic or keyword. Images are not different. Even if you are setting your images in a large piece of content, each image can have a different goal

  • Use high-quality and original image

    If you will use original and high-quality images, the users will get even better experience. Adding to that, it will even increase your chance to rank well on the relevant searches. You can easily create original images by capturing pictures by using a quality camera or you can hire a professional designer. You must give your customers a brief look at your company.

  • Stay aware of copyright issues

    No matter what kind of image files you choose, there should not be any copyright issues. If any of the stock photo providers own an image that you are using, you are really risking an expensive lawsuit. If the owner of the content sees any of their content on your website, they can issue a notice against you as you have violated a copyright issue. There are multiple ways how you can get free images on the internet. Google Images allow you to refine the results.

  • Use a suitable file size without the compromising the quality

    Images are often considered as the main reason because of which the websites loads slow. If you need an improvement in your website speed, it is advised that you should try reducing the size of the image by compressing or resizing it. The size of the image should be larger than the need.

  • Add a caption to your image

    Adding captions to your image can be really beneficial because all the images are not understood in the correct way. According to a recent research, the captions carry a big part of readership and have been really valuable for the readers. You should not force the captions if there is no requirement.

  • Twitter cards and open graph

    When you provide valuable information and content to your audience, they will probably share the content on social media channels. Your content mostly gets shared on Twitter and Facebook. So, if you are having the HTML code set up for Twitter Cards and Open Graph, you can definitely see the images on social media channels whenever your link is shared.

If you are an Entrepreneur or a small business owner, these are some tips and advice that will help you to carry on. Image SEO is one of the greatest ways how you can maximize the overall impact of your content and also enhance your visibility in the search results. And eventually, it will increase your brand exposure.