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WordPress- Statistics and Facts

WordPress is considered as one of the most popular CMS in the world. Most of the people know WordPress as a blogging site rather than a typical CMS. With the changing time, it got modernized with a thousand plug-ins. Thus, it made a more like CMS. Generally, it is the primary choice for most of the bloggers but it can also be effectively used for designing some simple websites.

Benefits of WordPress

Open source

It is an open source platform which means that the developers can use any code which has already been used in the past without any doing any modification in it. WordPress has a large community of users so that they can share codes with each other which saves cost and time which it takes in implementing a new code. It is easy to distribute, modify and use the code without paying any kind of license fees or subscription fees.


One of the greatest benefits of WordPress is that it has 4500 plugins for every function. No matter you want to enhance your SEO or want to run an analysis for your websites, you have a plugin for each one of them.

Simplicity and Usability

When you use other CMS or frameworks, you need to have some technical knowledge and jargon but the things are very different when you use WordPress. To use Wordpress, you do not need to have any technical background. You can use it quite easily. You don’t really have to be familiar with the programming languages such as PHP, CSS, HTML etc. It can be easily set up, managed and updated.

Quick development

One of the major advantages of WordPress is its speed for creating and using a website. You can easily create interfaces, websites and applications with the help of APIs. The website development process in Wordpress requires very less effort. The drag and drop feature makes it a little more convenient for developing websites.

Drawback of WordPress

Excessive plugins

Plugins are meant for enhancing the functionality of the website but they could even work as a drawback in some of the cases. Using too much plugins can even affect the performance of the website as it decreases the response time and makes it slower as well. You should try to hold yourself from constantly using the plugins. It is recommended that you must uninstall the one that is not working.

Open source

Anything that works as a blessing can also be overturned into a curse. Same is the case with Wordpress. It is famous because of being an open source. It is also the reason for its failure. WordPress is a platform that is being used widely so it has always been on the aim of the hackers. Your website might be in danger because the code you have used is written by someone else and it might be having some bug in the website.


WordPress uses MySQL as its database This database is less secure in comparison to the others. Hence, it can be easily affected by the cyber attacks and can also be hacked.