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How Digital marketing differs from Traditional marketing?

  • How Digital marketing differs from Traditional marketing?

Marketing your brand on online platforms is way different from the traditional marketing or offline marketing. One of the major differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing is that is that you can track a very few things when you use traditional marketing but when you use Digital marketing, you can track a lot more.
One of the examples is that when you broadcast an ad on television for 30 seconds, you will never know how many of the audience saw it. With digital marketing, you can even spot the one who took the needed action. Because of being a rapid growth in the use of the internet, most of the marketers have turned their feet towards digital marketing. Both the marketing styles aim at achieving the same goals; creating a brand image, attracting the potential customers and making up a mark in the market.

Mediums of traditional marketing

• Television
• Newspapers
• Radio
• Billboard
• Brochures
• Magazines

Mediums of Digital marketing

• Search Engine
• Social media
• Content marketing
• Affiliate marketing
• E-mail marketing

Let us have a look at some points that will help you to get a clear idea of how traditional marketing and digital marketing differs.

Interest Targeting

The traditional marketing or the offline marketing is more about communication or broadcasting where you offer the people in what they might be interested in and they can make a choice either they need to take it or not. By using the Digital marketing, you can specifically target the users who are actually interested in the products that you are offering. It has been seen that the interest targeting does not work every time especially if the products are in their early stage.


In the traditional marketing, the coverage of your products and services will be printed on paper mediums or will be aired on radio and television. Adding to it, your products will be exposed online for a moment whereas the online coverage your products will forever be on the internet and the users can easily find it whenever they need it.


Traditional marketing consumes more time to go from a project to complete projects. It goes through many steps and each of those steps takes time. Even after getting delivered to the customers, it does not reach their hands instantly. On the other hand, even after consuming time in the development of concept and creation of contents, digital marketing takes no time to reach the audience.


Setting up a budget is the foremost thing for any strategy. All the business engages in the budget, so does these marketing strategies. Yes, there is still some difference in the cost of digital marketing and traditional marketing. Traditional marketing promotes your products through newspapers, television, radio and billboard which does require a lot of money so that it can stay in motion. The digital marketing strategy also cost some amount but there is a number of digital marketing strategies that are free of cost.
It cannot be said what kind of marketing is right for your business. It all depends on your business and its goals. You need to frequently optimize your plans so that you can develop the ideal marketing strategy for your business.