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Latest Trends in the Graphic Designing World

  • Latest Trends in the Graphic Designing World

Trends do change with time. If you are into designing you must want to know the latest trends that will rule the designing industry in 2018.The latest trends of designing have reached a different level and are really going to be beneficial for corporate and advertisement industry.

Here are some designing trends you need to follow

The Glitch

When we talk about Graphic Designing, a major tool that comes to mind is ‘The Glitch effect’. It is considered as one of the most innovative tools in the world of graphic designing. According to 2018 reports, now the graphic designers will have a new way to present a demented image as per the client needs. The glitch effect has been ruling the horror films for decades and in 2018 this tool is going to take over the designing world by storm.

Modern Still Life

The modern life effect is often used in the fashion industry. As per reports, it is a trend which is going to rule strongly in the designing world. In this effect, the designers use flat colours and still, images are used so that the image could be meaningful enough to portray the message of the brands.

Print Texture

Print media is going to last forever. In the modern world of technology where human beings have been wrapped up into high speed internet and fast growing digital media, the print is the only media which gives you the real feel. The impact is higher than the digital media and the designers do take help of the creative techniques from the commercial printers. You will definitely want to handle a business card which people not only remember but save.

Isometric Designs

Isometric designs have always been one of the most important ways to give a final touch to your designs, without wasting too much of time. It showcases the 3D object and for that, flat items with layers are projected in the design.

Graphic Designs will take over

In the past few years, many things have been made quite easy in designing. The time has come to bring in more dynamic and fascinating designs. You will get a feel from 80’s and 90’s when the vintage geometric shapes will come back into action. For the creative and unique visuals, the vibrant colours will be used. The curves and the angles will replace the popularity of the clean pages.

Scalable Vector Graphics

A lot depends on what kind of file type you use. In the new era, a designer needs to create images which can be accessible on mobile devices as well. The scalable vector images and several fixed-size types such as PNG, GIF, JPG are the most mandatory format in 2018. If the images are saved in these file types, it will be intact and the pixels will not tear up when you move or zoom it into different visual devices. The SVG files are supported in every modern browser.

Unorthodox Color Pattern

It is time that you move out of your comfort zone and use unorthodox colours for differentiating your products and services. A different colour pattern makes your brand a little more expressive especially when the market is competitive. This trend is very popular on social media where getting attention is really challenging. Some big brands have used this plethora and have got mind-blowing results.