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Some effective ways to create a good logo design

  • Some effective ways to create a good logo design

1. Keep it simple

You must keep your logo simple and should not make it too fancy and messy. Making it too fancy can cause confusion in the mind of the onlookers. You must have noticed that some big brands like Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc. do not have very fancy logos but very normal ones. It is all about the identification of person, product, business or service that a particular brand is providing. So keeping it simple is really professional and helps the audience to understood, also at some points over-creativity can do blunders!

2. Using a tag mark and colors

Shapes and colors are quite easy for human brains to remember. So one of the most effective ways for your logo is to give a tag and significant colors through which people can recognize the brand easily, even in the marketplace and avail the services. Brands like Nike and Samsung does that and the results are brilliant. Nike uses a tick mark sign to define its logo, which says 'Just do it'. On the other hand Samsung uses the color factor. Yes, the dark blue background with Samsung written on it makes it unique. Every color has its own message to portray the kind of services offered by a brand.

3. Logo designing is a strategic tool, not an art

Logo is the face of the brand. It signifies what kind of services we can avail from a brand. It is a not a part of art but a strategic tool to make the brand recognizable and a has a meaning behind it. You just have to stick to one key idea. For eg. FedEX, which offers a service for courier deliveries, has an arrow between E and X Clever indeed. Another example is Amazon, which has an arrow under them from A to Z which says that they have a huge range of products ranging from A to Z. Wow! These are some things that helps a brand to increase their brand value.

4. Long-term logos

Regular changes in logo can lead to an unprofessional image of the brand. Logos should be designed in such a way that it could be used for longer time, for a decade and if possible, even longer. Brands like Coca-Cola and Disney carries the same logo since years and have a much better brand image than many other brands.

5. Versatility is important

Using the correct tools while designing a logo is very important. Using cheap designs can portray a bad first impression on the viewers. One of them is the correct use of images while designing a logo. Using Vector images are recommendable. So, for maintaining the versatility it is better to hire a logo professional for the better outcome. Yes, it can be expensive but the results will be magnificent.

6. Fonts-Be selective

Be selective while using fonts for your logo design. Using too fancy fonts can damage the whole concept of versatility. It will be much better to use simple fonts or the fonts which are relevant to the service a brand is providing. Non-relevant fonts can lead to a negative impact.