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Responsive Web Design- The New Ally of Google

Responsive web design is approach related to web development that is meant for the creation of dynamic changes to the website appearance. It depends on the orientation and the screen size of the device being used to view it. The approach suggests that the development and design of the website should be responsive to the user’s behaviour and the environment.

  • Responsive Web Design- The New Ally of Google

How does a responsive web design look like?

The main purpose of a responsive web design is having just one website but with the element that can help them to respond differently when it is viewed on devices of different screen size. Let us take an example of a traditional website. When it is viewed on a small tablet or a smartphone, you will need to scroll horizontally whereas viewing a traditional website on a desktop or laptop might show three columns. It is a fact that people do not usually like to scroll horizontally on tablets. This is because some of the elements look distorted.
If a website uses a responsive design, the version of the website viewing on the tablet will automatically adjust to display just two columns. And this way, the content will become easy to read and navigate. On smaller screens such as a smartphone, the content would stack vertically, in a single column. When using a responsive web design, the images will resize according to the screen instead of distorting the whole layout.

Why is it important to have a Responsive website design for your business?

• Responsive web design provides a consistent experience which plays a vital role in sales, conversion rates and lead generation.
• Acquiring a broader reach to your clients and customers with the help of even the smaller devices such as smartphones and tablets.
• There can be a consolidation of tracking, reporting and analytics at one place.
• There is a decrease in cost and time which is used for the content management of the site.
• Keeps you ahead in your competitive market.

Why does Google prefer responsive web design?

Now that you know the importance of Responsive web design, let us seek some more details about how it is so important for Google. There is a recommendation from Google that the webmasters should use the media queries which are considered as the backbone of Responsive web design. The media queries enable the website to adapt to any of the screen sizes. For instance, Google believes in the practice of Responsive web design.

Google even takes an active part in-

1. Checking the social sharing of a website.
2. Checking the bounce rate of a website.
3. Checking the optimization of the website according to the local searches.
4. Recording the average time which is spent on web pages by different users.

A search engine like Google loves websites with unique, fresh and responsive designs. This is because a Responsive web design is capable of providing a much better user experience.