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The Anatomy of Google Dance

  • The Anatomy of Google Dance

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), Google Dance is often referred as an out-dated slang which is used to describe the time duration which Google uses for rebuilding its rankings. In the process, Google find the right position for the websites. It may affect your rankings and it may even fluctuate for a few days. These variations in ranking can be really huge and your site may disappear from the Google rankings. Google Dance used to happen more than 30 times in a year, however, in 2003, Google began to update its index weekly and thus, Google Dance got eliminated.

Importance of Google Dance

Most of the people were not in favour of Google Dance and it was not so important to them. But it was a matter to care of, for any person in the SEO industry. During the process, the web pages used to stop temporarily, sometimes for the whole day. This resulted in people panicking. People calmed down when the pages were re-added and that too in a better place than it used to be.

What are the solutions to Google Dance?

There are certain techniques for making the rankings stable and these techniques will take 20-30 days to work. With the help of these strategies, you can free your rankings on the top of the Search Engine results. It will be a lot better option to calm down and note the fluctuation rate of keyword rankings, about their increase or drop and then work according to the guidelines of Google.

  • Create backlinks to the websites which are relevant.
  • Post some unique and original content to your website on weekly basis.
  • Build the backlinks with high domain authority.
  • Ping your website pages through the tools which are available. For example, Pingler.

As it has been mentioned before, there is a fluctuation in the ranking of Search Engine Page Results. Due to this, it has been found out that many of them stopped building links and started deleting their accounts. This process demands a lot of patience. If Google finds out that you are manipulating the results by improving elements during the process of Google Dance, there are chances that it can keep you down in the website rankings. So, stay normal and do what you have been already doing. And when the Google Dance is over, there are certain chances that you might find your website in higher rankings..

How often does the Google dance?

Before 2003, Google Dance used to happen 10 times or 36 days in a year and used to last for 5 days. Nowadays, the index of the Google is updated on a weekly basis and thus, the Google Dance does not last for a long time. It has been found out that this movement generally occurs on Mondays. It has been seen that Google’s bot is always busy in running and finding new tools resulting in minor changes every month. It also deletes the websites which are not updated.